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Retaining the right attorney to fight for you can be intimidating. Most people have little or no experience with lawyers or the court system. Many people assume that, to find a good lawyer, they need only pick a name out of the phone book. This is not a wise course. The legal field of employee rights is complicated and only a lawyer with significant experience and training in this field will be an effective advocate for you in court. When seeking a lawyer to handle your wrongful termination case, here are some factors you should consider:

  • the lawyer's reputation, age and experience
  • the lawyer's training and education
  • the results the lawyer has achieved for clients with similar claims
  • whether the lawyer is nearby you or the court where you case will be filed
  • the lawyer's availability and willingness to focus on your case
  • whether the lawyer will work on your case on a partial or straight contingency basis (in other words, whether he will charge you any money before he settles or wins your case)
  • whether the lawyer has any conflicts of interest with your case (for example, whether he has performed work for the employer you intend to sue)
  • the lawyer's resources (whether he has the support staff and money to effectively represent you)

You should consider speaking with several lawyers before you choose one.

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